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Cloudburo Bots Platform Documentation

This is the documentation overview page for the Cloudburo Bots Platform, which is offering various subscriptions services centred around bots. It’s structured around the three topics:

  • Member Zone “platform", where you register for an account and manage your bots and subscriptions
  • Slack Evernote Bot “slackbot", is our Slack Bot App, which integrates Evernote in the Slack Application
  • Evernote Publishing Bot “pubbot", enables a powerful, intuitive content publishing approach fully integrated into Evernote’s Workspace Solution. By the way: This site itself was created by using the Cloudburo Publishing Bot and all content is mastered and maintained in Evernote’s One Workspace.

Member Zone “platform"

The Cloudburo Bot Member Zone with its integrated Bot Product Dashboard is your primary site, when it comes down to manage your Product/Bot subscriptions, in order for billing, configuration or control of your bot services.

Your personal user account allows you to access the various services and functions, the member zone can be found under: https://bots.cloudburo.net

Evernote Slack Bot “slackbot”

Evernote Publishing Bot “pubbot”

Cloudburo Publishing Bot is a content curation solution which can be managed by the end user with minimal effort in the most efficient and intuitive manner. Aimed at startups, micro businesses, small enterprises, freelancers as well as hobbyists bloggers, it will allow you to establish a content presence in the Internet for your audience.

The Cloudburo Publishing Bot seamlessly integrates into Evernote’s One Workspace ecosystem to provide you with the best user experience.

As one workspace that lives across your phone, tablet, and computer, Evernote is the place you write free from distraction, collect information, find what you need, and present your ideas to the world.”

You will use the power of Evernote’s One Workspace to manage and collect great sharing content, to compile it and then leave the task to the Publishing Bot, to deliver the content to your nicely, mobile-friendly designed Web site.

Do you want to test out the offering during a monthly trial subscription: subscribe here

The Approach (Introduction Videos)

The solution is centred around two intuitive workflows, which allows you publish either self-created/curated or third party news style content.

A one minute intro to the Publishing Bot, will give you a glance about the first workflow (self-created/curated content).

Concentrate in collecting and compiling content and leave the publishing to the Publishing Bot, which ensures a great user experience on any kind of device.

As a second workflow we support the so-called news publishing approach, which normally starts in a news aggregation app, as for example feedly.

Check it out in two minutes, how easy a news styled blog can be managed with Feedly, Evernote and the Cloudburo Publishing Bot.

Working with the Cloudburo Publishing Bot requires the setup of two accounts

Some additional information to get you started

Head on to the Workflows, they give a good overview how you can manage your content site, be it either a News Site or Curation Site, as well as a mixture of the both.

The Cloudburo Publishing Bot supports two workflows, the News Workflow (for news aggregation style articles), as well as the Curation Workflow (for curated or self created articles). Check out the following video based Tutorials.

The Member Zone management use cases for the Publishing Bot are listed below:

By using Evernote tags and embedded text marker you may control certain aspects of the side publishing process.

  • Categorize your Articles: By using Evernote tags you can define category structures for your published articles.
  • Working with Images: Pictures in Evernote notes will be taken over and converted for fast online access. Various possibilities exists how to control the positioning and layout of the image.
  • Working with Videos : YouTube based videos can be easily embedded by adding some meta information in your Evernote note. Check the layout by opening a documentation page with a video integrated on this site (remember the whole documentation site is managed by the Cloudburo Publishing Bot).
  • Syntax Highlighting: A simple mechanism for nice syntax highlighting in your site with support for over 60 programming languages
  • Embed custom HTML Fragments: You can embed HTML fragment, e.g. required for MailChimp Newsletter integration or similar.
  • Evernote News Excerpt Expander: It will allow you automatically fetch full articles in Evernote from some news excerpt.

  • Bootstrap based Website Themes: Your content will be published in a dedicated Website which is designed upon Bootstrap. It’s the most popular HTML, CSS and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile friendly sites. You will have the choice to select one of several predefined Cloudburo curation themes, which were developed by bootswatch.com.
  • Premium Website Themes: With our Premium Publishing Bot Subscription you will get access to professional themes offered by by wrapbootstrap.com. We customized them to the PublishingBot needs and they will offer you additional features to fine-tune your professional website presence.
  • Syntax Highlighting Themes: Various themes are available for syntax highlighting of code blocks. A Pigment compatible syntax highlighter is chosen for this step (the de facto standard for syntax highlighting).

Some small tips which will improve your efficiency and quality when working with Evernote and the Publishing Bot.

  • Automatic Twitter News Publishing via Feedburner : Your content site can be easily integrated in googles Feedburner infrastructure (via our RSS feeds feature) and you can configure Feedburner to trigger automatically a Tweet of a published article in your twitter account.
  • Periodic Newsletter via Mailchimp: Visitors to your website should be able to subscribe to your blog with a Newsletter, as it’s a great way to push out information to your customers and potential customers. This article gives you an overview how you integrate with Mailchimp.

Evernote is your primary content collection and editing tool. Evernote lets you capture and share everything that’s important to you in a single, easily accessible place. Here some links and guidelines which helps you get quickly on speed with it.

We collect and document useful resources about the topic of Content Curation, Content Marketing as well as blogging. Click on the title to go to the list of articles.

Release Information

Evernote Publishing Bot

The Evernote Publishing Bot is a Java based Docker Microservice which delegates the Website generation to the Ruby-based Middleman Static Site Generator. It runs on the Swiss-based managed cloud hosting platform of Hidoras and integrates with various AWS Cloud Services (S3, KMS, SQS) and other third party services.


Cloudburo Publishing Bot wouldn’t be possible without the existence of fantastic Open Source Products. A big thank goes to all the inventors and contributors of the various products

  • Java Programming Language, released under the Oracle Binary Code License
  • Groovy Programming Language, released under the Apache License
  • Gradle Build Automation System, released under the Apache License
  • Maven Java Build Automation System, release under the Apache License
  • Bootstrap „ Most popular HTML, CSS and JS framework“, released unter the MIT License
  • Bootswatch „ Free themes for bootstrap”, released under the MIT License
  • Middleman „ Static Site Generator“ , released under the MIT License
  • Middleman-syntax „ Syntax Highlighting module“ , released under the MIT License
  • Rouge „ A pure ruby code highlighter compatible with Pygment”, released under the MIT License
  • Slim „ A lightweight template engine“, released under the MIT Licencse
  • Apache Log4j, Junit, Commons, released under the Apache License
  • Slugify „ SEO-friendly URLs“, released under the Apache License
  • JSoup „ Awesome Jave HTML parser“, released under the MIT License
  • Imgscalr „ Image Manipulation Library“, released under the Apache License
  • NekoHTML „ Simple HMTL Scanner“, released under the Apache License
  • Boilerpipe „ Removal and Fulltext Extraction from HTML pages“, released under the Apache License