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Integrate: Free Feedburner and automatic Twitter publishing of your articles

In this article we explain how you can expand your Internet presence of your Cloudburo content site, by

  • Integrating your site into google Feedburner

Getting Started: The Content Site in a nutshell

The Content Site has a blog structure setup which is concentrated around your published articles. the site is based on a responsive design in order to provide a optimal reading experience on different devices. ...

Feature: Disqus Article Comment Platform Integration

Disqus.com is a no cost platform to build up a community by allowing people to comment your content site articles.

Via the Memberzone Dashboard (Setup Tab) you can enable...

Feature: SEO Friendly article URLs

The Cloudburo Curation Platform will generate Search Engine Optimized (SEO) URL’s for your article. This is important due to the fact that a poor URL structure may impact your ranking or keep your pages out of search engine...

Feature: W3C Atom 1.0 valid RSS Feed

The Cloudburo Curation Platform managed content sites are providing a Atom 1.0 valid RSS feed of your content.

This allows you to embed your content in any kind of RSS feed based...

How to change the Evernote title of an already processed note

You have to be aware that for any processed note - which has the clb-processed tag - the title is not changeable anymore. Changing of the title would result in a new article and not an update of the note...

Feature: Video Handling in Evernote Notes (YouTube)

Embedding YouTube Videos into your Webpage is straightforward.

Get the URL of your video

The Cloudburo Curation Platform is capable of...

Quick Tip: Use Evernote Spellchecker

Use the Evernote Spellchecker when working on an article. The following feature is available in the Evernote Webclient, as well as the Evernote Mac Application (not sure if it exists in other Evernote clients as well). ...

Feature: Responsive, Mobile Optimized Curation Website

The Cloudburo Curation Platform will take your curated Evernote notes and generates a corresponding blog entry in your Cloudburo managed curation website.

The generated blog sites...

Feature: Picture Handling in Evernote Notes

The Cloudburo Publishing Bot is capable of handling Evernote notes with pictures in various ways. This will allow you to adjust image postioning to your need. The Bot will provide a default handling for images, as well as the possibility to to contro... Read More