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How to revoke Cloudburo’s permission to your Evernote Account

There are two ways to revoke access given to the Cloudburo Publishing Bot.  Directly in Evernote At any time you can revoke access to your Evernote Account by clicking onto the following link: Evernote Link You will be directed to the Applications Au... Read More

How To: Connect the Cloudburo Slack Bot

The primary interaction and command channel for the Cloudburo Bots Member Zone is via Slack, which is one of the best messaging app available. You can check out a tour here.


A developer blog with nice code formatting published out from Evernote

The Evernote Publishing Bot is used for the developer blog of the founder, which can be found under the link https://dev.cloudburo.net. The blog is covering various technical aspects and will also document code samples. Therefore it’s important that ... Read More

How to Power Social Media Productivity with Evernote

The following article by Lolitta Gevorkova shows you some strategies how you can use Evernote to power you social media productivity.


Track when you get mentioned in the Internet

When you start your micro enterprise it’s very important that you monitor the internet and its social channels about mentioning of your company.

For example refer to the ...

Feature: Login with your Slack Account

You can login to the Cloudburo Bots Member Zone with your Slack Account and getting rid of providing every time your user name and password for logging in.

In order to do so, press...

The Amazingly Simple Anatomy of a Meaningful Marketing Story

When it comes to excellent stories about content curation and content marketing, copyblogger.com is one of our favourite sites.

It provides a source of articles, tutorials...

FAQ: How will I get notified by the Cloudburo Publishing Bot ?

The Cloudburo Publishing Bot will communicate via the following channels with you:

  • By default, the publishing bot will use the provided Email to get in contact with you
  • Additionally...

Create easily your own compelling infographics for your content

For my micro business, I was looking for an easy to manage infographic creation solution.

Luckily I found very quickly the solution offered by Venngage. A browser based infographic...

The science behind shareable content

This is very interesting article which shares the insights of a presentation given by Kholben Vodden founder of StoryScience.