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Feature: Premium Webpage Themes

The below listed Themes are part of the Publishing Bot Premium Subscription. The Premium Website Theme Feature, will offer you professional customised Webpage themes of the Website wrapbootstrap.  The themes were customized to fit to the features off... Read More

Subscription: Publishing Bot Premium Subscription

The Premium Subscription builds on top of the  Basic Subscription, which is a prerequisite. The premium subscription allows you additionally: to manage five independent content sites as well as to use our Premium Website Themes Check our gorgeous pro... Read More

Subscription: Publishing Bot Basic Subscription

A powerful, intuitive content publishing approach aimed at startups, micro businesses, small enterprises, freelancers as well as hobbyists bloggers. You will use the power of Evernote’s One Workspace to manage and collect great sharing content, to co... Read More

Is Your Data Safe in Evernote?

As with every cloud-based product, which reliefs you from the burden of managing your data locally, you have to ask the question “how safe your data” are.  You want to be sure that in case of defaulting of the company you still have the data availabl... Read More

How do I solve failures when trying to link Evernote or Slack ?

The Cloudburo Publishing Bot is using the standardized “OAuth” Access Control Mechanism to get approval to access your Evernote or Slack account. OAuth is an open standard for authorization, commonly used as a way for Internet users to log in to thir... Read More

Bots Platform doesn't load when using Internet Explorer

The Cloudburo Bots Platform is based on Websocket Technology and unfortunately there are some incompatibilities when you use the Internet Explorer in combination with out content delivery network provider. I.e it could be that the loading of bots.clo... Read More

How to connect the Publishing Bot by keeping notebook privacy

The following approach describes a setup which allows you to use the Cloudburo Publishing Bot, without exposing your notebooks of your primary Evernote account. The Publishing Bot requires read and write access to your Evernote account in order to cr... Read More

Content Curation Tools

If you want to get an overview about various tools which can support your content curation process I suggest the following slideshare presentation of Robin Good, given at the international journalism festival 2015...

How to revoke Cloudburo’s permission to your Evernote Account

There are two ways to revoke access given to the Cloudburo Publishing Bot.  Directly in Evernote At any time you can revoke access to your Evernote Account by clicking onto the following link: Evernote Link You will be directed to the Applications Au... Read More

How To: Connect the Cloudburo Slack Bot

The primary interaction and command channel for the Cloudburo Bots Member Zone is via Slack, which is one of the best messaging app available. You can check out a tour here.