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Showcase: Convert the WiredLive 2017 Evernote Notebook in a Website

Recently Beat Buhlmann (General Manager EMEA @Evernote) was publishing a Linkedin Post announcing a public Evernote Notebook which was summarising the key notes of the Wired Live 2017 conference. I think a very cool and inspiring approach, which illu... Read More

Setting a Site Header Image

Certain Premium Website Themes allow to set a Header Image. Currently this is possible with “Material” Theme. In order to set such an image, create a new note and set the tag clb-blog-images and publish it  via *-E-CurateGen. The image should be of s... Read More

How to relink your Evernote Account

The Cloudburo Bots Platform requires a linkage with your Evernote Account, where you write and curate your stories.  When you first created you user account you also connected your Evernote Account, by authorising Cloudburo to have access to your Not... Read More

Evernote: The smart person's guide

TechRepublic's smart person's guide about Evernote is a quick introduction to this note-taking platform, as well as a 'living' guide that will be updated periodically as the app changes and evolves to meet new user demands. It gives you a good head s... Read More

How To Generate A Nice Elevation Chart Out Of Your Google Maps Route

The following article will show you how to generate a nice elevation chart out of one of your Google Maps Route which you have stored as a map in your Google Account (mymaps):  https://www.google.com/mymaps In our example we want to generate a Elevat... Read More

Premium Theme: Material-Photo

Theme Description: Material-Photo Material Blog is a Google Design inspired lightweight blog template (wrapbootstrap theme link), based on the latest Bootstrap. Built using the latest modern technologies and responsive mechanics. Material Blog can be... Read More

Premium Theme: Emma

Theme Description: Emma Emma is a clean template ideally for beauty, lifestyle or fashion blogs (wrapbootstrap  theme link. Sample PublishingBot managed site based on this template: https://t... Read More

Premium Theme: Von

Theme Description: Von Von is a minimalist blog theme, designed to optimize your reading experience as much as possible. With support for mobile and tablet devices you can easily reach all your readers (wrapbootstrap theme link, the template price is... Read More

Getting started in curation #1 - The Origins

In this series we give you some useful hints, background informations and articles around the topic of Curation. Before we dive into the virtual world of curation let's do a short trip over to Paris and look at origins of curation that resides in the... Read More

Showcase: A Trip Blog based on the Premium Emma Theme

The Premium Website Theme Feature, will offer you professional customised Webpage themes of the Website {wrap}bootstrap.  The themes were customized to fit to the features offered by the Cloudburo Publishing Bot.  The Premium Theme “Emma” was used by... Read More