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Showcase: Convert the WiredLive 2017 Evernote Notebook in a Website

Recently Beat Buhlmann (General Manager EMEA @Evernote) was publishing a Linkedin Post announcing a public Evernote Notebook which was summarising the key notes of the Wired Live 2017 conference.

I think a very cool and inspiring approach, which illustrates the power of Evernote for content curation in a nice and sleek design.

The publishing of the Evernote Conference Pages to the web was done by using the “Sharing Public Link” feature within Evernote. The pages were interlinked via the public links, created by Evernote. Finally the index page was mapped to a bit.ly short- and recognisable URL: bit.ly/wiredlive

Well this is definitely a workable way, to publish your Evernote notes to the web.

Nevertheless I think there is a better way to make such nicely curated Evernote content available to a public audience.

By using the Cloudburo Publishing Bot

  • you can make your curated content available in a full blown dedicated responsive website which supports note categorisation, SEO friendly URL’s, Google Analytics, Disqus integration and and ….
  • you can stay focused working in the Evernote One Workspace and are not distracted when it comes to publishing your work to the web. You can stay all the time in Evernote.

Both points were key drivers, when I developed this publishing bot for Evernote.

These well-designed Evernote session notes inspired me to make a short video, to show you how easy you could transform them to a full blown website. I did minimal changes in the notes (updating note URL links) and complemented notes with control and categorisation tags. Around 1 min of additional effort was necessary to get a keynote conference note ready for the publishing process, nothing more.

Additionally I added a remark, that the Website is a showcase example and doesn’t claim any rights of the content.

I hope you enjoyed the video and got a feeling how easy you can generate full blown websites directly out of Evernote. Head over to the Cloudburo Publishing Bot Landing Page in case you want to check out the approach by yourself

The two showcase websites out of the video can be found here:

This blog entry was fully produced within Evernote and published using the Cloudburo Publishing Bot .

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