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My site isn't visible (yet) ?

After your initial setup of a site, the Publishing Bot will inform you by Email that your Website is configured and ready, as shown in the below screenshot.

The Publishing Bot will create your site under the domain name: <yourSiteName>.curation.space.

When you click on the link provided in the Email, potentially you will get back a “page not found” message in your browser, similar to the screen below:

Well this means, that your newly site domain name, isn’t propagated yet to all regional domain name servers (DNS). Depending on the region you live, this so-called DNS cache refresh may take several hours (normally it should be quite quick).

So be patient and in case you believe that something didn’t work out or is wrong, please contact us via our support page.

This blog entry was fully produced within Evernote and published using the Cloudburo Publishing Bot.

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