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Is Your Data Safe in Evernote?

As with every cloud-based product, which reliefs you from the burden of managing your data locally, you have to ask the question “how safe your data” are. 
You want to be sure that in case of defaulting of the company you still have the data available. Furthermore it must be clear that you are the owner of the data.

In context of Evernote Michal Hyatt outlines the various aspects around this topic and concludes the data are safe for the following six reasons.

- Evernote is a successful, financially-solid company
- Evernote has a clear data-ownership policy.
- Evernote data is stored both locally and in the cloud
- Evernote can encrypt sensitive data within a note
- Evernote data can be stored only on your local machine
- Evernote data can be exported and taken elsewhere

You can find all the details to the six point in his blog article.

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