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How do I solve failures when trying to link Evernote or Slack ?

The Cloudburo Publishing Bot is using the standardized “OAuth” Access Control Mechanism to get approval to access your Evernote or Slack account.

OAuth is an open standard for authorization, commonly used as a way for Internet users to log in to third party websites using their accounts at Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, etc.—but without exposing their password.

This can be quite a tricky process and there are some shortcomings dependent on the Browser or Device, which could result that the handshake between the Cloudburo Bots Platform and Evernote/Slack may fail.

Here are some hints and problem resolution advices:

You are using Internet Explorer and connect via https://bots.mod.bz instead of https://bots.cloudburo.net
Due to some Web socket issues, Internet Explorer user are using another URL to access our site (refer to the following article for details). This may result failing of the above OAuth process. Therefore you have to use for the linking another browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) and connect via https://cloudburo.net. Having done that you can switch back to your preferred browser.

Your are using a Mobile Device

If you can’t succeed on your mobile device, do the linkage from a desktop machine best when using Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Firefox browser. All the rest should work fine from a mobile device.

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