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How to connect the Publishing Bot by keeping notebook privacy

The following approach describes a setup which allows you to use the Cloudburo Publishing Bot, without exposing your notebooks of your primary Evernote account.

The Publishing Bot requires read and write access to your Evernote account in order to create five fresh new notebooks for each publishing site ( as described here).

The Publishing Bot will work exclusively within these notebooks and will NEVER read or write out-side of these newly create notebooks.

The Publishing Bot will be triggered when YOU move content into three of the five notebooks. So you are in full control here, when to trigger Publishing Bot activities.

Unfortunately the Evernote authorisation process isn’t enough flexible to restrict access just to these subset of notebooks. In the screenshot below (press on the thumbnail to get a bigger image), you can see which rights we are requesting. As you can see don’t have the right to delete notes or notebooks.

Nevertheless the granted rights may cause some uncomfortability by certain users that all his notebooks are exposed. Luckily there is an easy workaround, which only exposes our new created notebooks and doesn’t expose any of your other notebooks to the Publishing Bot.

The approach requires the opening of another free Evernote Account ( which can be done within minutes). The prerequisite is having an Email Address - which isn’t used yet by Evernote - for this new setup.

You can request a “virtual email” from us for free (email [email protected]). I.e. we will setup an Email on our side ([email protected]) which will route any email to your primary email address (the one which you used during the Cloudburo registration process).

With this fresh Email you now can create a free Evernote account. Use this new Evernote account to connect with the Publishing Bot ( as described here).

The Publishing Bot will create in this new account its set of Notebooks, no other Notebooks are required in this Evernote Account.

Finally share the Pulbishing Bot created Evernote Notebooks with your primary Evernote account, as described below.

On your newly created notebooks select the “Share Notebook” feature. In the screenshot below we select the notebook for “felixblog”

The Share Notebook dialog will pop up for the selected Notebook, make sure that option “Can edit” is selected (1), select the Email of your Primary Evernote Account, to which you want to share (2) and press Share (3).

Done!, you now can write articles in your primary Evernote Account move them to the corresponding shared notebook, which will trigger the publishing process out of your second Evernote Account.

After you have gained confidence and trust in our offering, we suggest that you switch the connection to your primary account and close down the Free Evernote account.

This blog entry was fully produced within Evernote and published using the Cloudburo Publishing Bot.

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