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How To: Connect the Cloudburo Slack Bot

The primary interaction and command channel for the Cloudburo Bots Member Zone is via Slack, which is one of the best messaging app available. You can check out a tour here.

If you are new to Slack, we strongly advise you to open an account (which is in the basic setup free), so that you can easily establish a team with our Cloudburo Slack Bot. You can directly communicate with him (will be released soon), as well as we send you any kind of notification to you preferred Slack channel.

When you have a Slack Account and Team setup, you can link it with our Cloudburo Slack Bot.

Head over the User Profile site and click on the “Link Slack App” Button.

When you click on the “Link Slack App” button, the “Authorize access to your account” pop up of Slack will be shown (you are now communicating with Slack and not Cloudburo anymore). Refer to the screenshot below.

Slack will ask you if you want to provide Cloudburo access to your Slack Account, so that we and you can communicate via the Cloudburo Slack Bot.

  • We ask the right to integrate our “commands”, i.e. they will allow you to control and manage your Cloudburo Bots Member Zone account directly out of Slack.
  • We ask the right to send you notifications to a channel, which you have chosen (in the screenshot below we will send you notifications to the “general” channel
  • We ask the right to add our slack bot to your account, which is called @cloudburobot

When you press the “Authorize” button in the Slack popup, you will be redirected to our page and the Slack integration will be completed. The button status will be changed to “LINKED”.

If you head over to your Slack Team Account you will see, that a new Slack Bot “cloudburobot" has joined your team

Congratulation, all our notification and communication with you may be happen now via Slack.

For example in the following screen shot you see messages by the Publishing Bot informing the user about the completion of a site publishing. taks.

This blog entry was fully produced within Evernote and published using the Cloudburo Publishing Bot.

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