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Track when you get mentioned in the Internet

When you start your micro enterprise it’s very important that you monitor the internet and its social channels about mentioning of your company.

For example refer to the following article, which tells the story how a startup missed the mentioning of its company on the famous Product Hunt website.

By not getting known that your company is trending on a social channel or website you miss the huge opportunity to gain new customer or sales lead. You miss a one-time opportunity to react on comments or any other kind of engagement triggered by the publishing.

Luckily there are quite handy tools out there which allow you automate the monitoring the web for mentioning your name.

I currently use two tools, which complement each other.

Notify.ly will track a growing number of social media apps about a user-defined set of keywords and publish them either to your Slack or Hipchat account.

If you serious about a startup you have to get used to Slack (which is my preferred message aggregator app) or Hipchat. The will ease you life dramatically in context of monitoring a variety of channels, be it your production machines or any kind of event channel In this article, it will get any notification event of Notify.ly.

In the example below, Notify.ly sent me a message to my Slack marketing channel only my mobile, informing me that “QRator India”, was publishing a tweet which includes my keyword “publishingbot.cloudburo.net”. Actually, QRator India was republishing a tweet originated by me.

Notify.ly will monitor your defined set of keywords on different channels, refer to the example below, these are keywords which get tracked on twitter, producthunt, tumblr, hacker news, reddit or youtube.

The whole setup is straightforward and easy to do.

The second monitoring solution which I use is provided by our big brother google. Google offers with “Google Alert” a nifty feature. It’s actually a content change detection and notification service. What do you need more ?

As you can see here, I monitor the web for my company “Cloudburo”, my product “publishingbot”, as well as name.

The detail window gives you the possibility to fine tune your alerting

At the end of the window you can see of list of matched results, obviously the alert mechanism will track only new published content in this case with the frequency “As-it-happens”.

Important here that we deliver the result to an RSS feed, which we then integrate in the our Slack message app. Select the RSS feed url in the alert dashboard.

And add it as a to be monitored RSS feed in Slack

In the example below, we add it feed to our marketing channel, which gets also fed by the Notif.ly social channel monitor.

Having done that you can relax and be sure that you will get notified immediately in Slack when you start up is moving up the internet mentioning ladder.

BTW: This blog entry was fully produced within Evernote and published using the Cloudburo Publishing Bot.

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