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Feature: Login with your Slack Account

You can login to the Cloudburo Bots Member Zone with your Slack Account and getting rid of providing every time your user name and password for logging in.

In order to do so, press the “SIGN IN WITH SLACK” button, as shown in the below screen shot (available on the “SIGN IN” or “REGISTER” page).

The “Authorize Access to your Account” confirmation of Slack will pop up. It will ask you for allowance that we can get your identity (full name) of you, as well as the email which you used for the logging in to Slack.

It’s important to know that we only requiring the additional token provided by Slack and will not get the password or any sensitive information (apart from the Email-Address) to log you in on our side.

By pressing the “Show More” button, Slack explain what you will exchange with us. By the way you can revoke at any time this access right within the Slack application.

When you press “Authorize” the information and token transfer will start.

  • In case you don’t have already an account with us with the same Email Address you will be immediately logged in.
  • In case you have already an account with us with the same Email Address (as used in Slack) your existing account will be enhanced for the automatic Slack sign in process. You will be presented with a screen as shown below and you will have to re-login once again, as well as to revalidate you Email Address. This additional step is necessary only once.

Additionally Slack will send you an Email, which informs you that “Cloudburo” has now access to your Slack Team (in our example this is “Cloudburo Test” team).

It will also provide you with a link how you can revoke this access right, in case you don’t want to do so.

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