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Create easily your own compelling infographics for your content

For my micro business, I was looking for an easy to manage infographic creation solution.

Luckily I found very quickly the solution offered by Venngage. A browser based infographic creation frontend, which manages the content in the cloud and provides the possibility to share the created infographics on their hosted site.

The overall solution is really top-notch. The creation GUI design and usability is just outstanding and serves me as a good showcase, what can be achieved by a well designed HTML 5 browser app. It’s very well crafted and a lot of attention is given to the details.

The below infographics I could create just within the first hour of using the tool, integration of icons, uploading and reusing images, resizing and adjusting of graphic assets etc. is straightforward and works from a performance point view as quickly as any native OS X app.

Absolutely amazing is that the infographics are just fully responsive and adjust to a mobile screen without any problem. So by publishing the graphic onto the venngage site you will get as well as a html embed code sequence, which you can integrate into your site.

I decided to embed two infographics into my landing page in order to outline the two support workflows of the Cloudburo Publishing Bot. You can find the example here

The offering comes with a free plan, which allows you to experiment with the tool and features. You are restricted in the usage of several features, as well you can’t download the graphics as picture or pdf. Nevertheless, it allowed me to quickly design my first infographics and publish them. The premium pricing of 19$ is reasonable but for a micro business just producing some infographics from time to time potential a little bit high for initial investing (during its bootstrapping phase). As said in that constellation the freemium version is doing a very good job.

Definitely, I will go on with testing the app and will update the article at a later stage.

By the way, the full article here is managed within Evernote using the Cloudburo Publishing Bot for which the infographics were created.

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