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Your first site is live, what’s next ?

Congratulation !

the Cloudburo Publishing Bot reached out to you via Email or Slack and informed you that the first site is ready. You are now ready to start your first article.

Now what’s next ?

Ok, there are various options now, one of them is described below.

Check the published site first, it will look - dependent on the theme - similar like this (you can click on the image)

Write a first article

Best is to write a first article, to get used to the content creation workflow:

  • These videos explain the two workflows which speeds up the writing of articles in Evernote
  • you may jump to the two videos at the end of this page, which gives a quick intro from 2-3 minutes.

Wait until the article got published (you will be informed by email again) and check the result.

Check out how you can enrich an article in Evernote

Experiment with some of the features available for during article creation process, be it

Up to now you should have a good understanding how you can edit and enrich your articles during the writing process.

Check out how you can configure your Site in Bots Member Zone

It’s time to move over to the Clouburo Bots Member Zone, where you now can tweak and change the overall setup of your site.

  • An overview of the Member Zone GUI can be found here. A lot of configuration options exists.
  • You can delete articles, introduce an index page, extend header or footer menu, enhance the menu by social icons, change the theme, embed Google Tracking ID and and and
  • All the site config features can be found here: Goto the Site Configuration Doc

In a hurry ? Check out the two minutes Intro

A one minute intro to the Publishing Bot, will give you a glance about our approach for curated or self-created content.

As a second workflow we support the so-called news publishing approach, which normally starts in a news aggregation app, as for example feedly. Check it out in two minutes, how easy a news styled blog can be managed with Feedly, Evernote and the Cloudburo Publishing Bot.

Have Fun !

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