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How to configure your first Site

The Cloudburo Publishing Bot will guide you through the first site configuration, in order that you get used to the necessary mandatory configuration steps. Depending on your subscription package you may have the possibility to configure multiple sites. The following video, gives a short overivew

You will presented with the following screen after you either have acquired a trial subscription or you purchased a monthly-/yearly subscription and are logged in to the member zone.

The screen shows you the three mandatory steps, which are required in order to trigger the creation of you publishing site. By pressing the “?” Button, a short description of the step will be shown.

Step 1: Verify Email Address

You have to verify your Email Address via a Link we have sent you by Email. In case you didn’t got the Email, you can trigger from here a resend of the Email, be pressing the green “RESEND” button. For more information refer to the following How To.

After successful Email verification, the step will be marked as completed.

Step 2: Link your Evernote Account

Obviously the Publishing Bot requires a linked Evernote Account, where he will grab your article which you want to publish to your online community. Clicking on the green “LINK” button which will initiate the authentication process directly with Evernote.

An Evernote Pop up window will appear, where you have to Sign In. Be aware that this process is fully managed by Evernote, we will not get hold of the password. Evernote will provide us - after a successful approval by you- a token to get hold of the articles, which you write.

You can revoke at any time within Evernote the “authorisation” which you have gave us. This means that the Publishing Bot, will stop to work for you.

After you have signed in, Evernote will show which rights we are asking for.

The Publishing Bot will create a set of new Notebooks in your Evernote Account, which are used for the communication between You and our Publishing Bot.

For example, by placing an Evernote note in a dedicated Notebook, the Publishing Bot will be advised to read the note and publishing it on your web site. After the steps he will move the note in another Notebook.

Therefore we require rights to Create, Update, List or Retrieve notes from your Evernote Account. Refer to the following page in order to get an overview about the created Notebooks.

After successful linking of your Evernote Account, the step will be marked as completed

It will enable Step 3, where you now can enter a unique site name.

Step 3: Provide a Unique Site Name

In this step provide a unique site name.

Click on the “yourSiteName” field, which will open the input box. Provide the name for your site, e.g. “felixblog”. The name must be unique within the Cloudburo Bots Platform. The name will be used for defining the final URL, which is constructed as follows “https://<sitename>.curation.space”. In our example it will be “https://felixblog.curation.space.

As one can see, all three steps were completed successfully. The “EVERYHTING SETUP, PROCEED” switch to the green colour and got enabled. You now can go on.

The Cloudburo Publishing Bot will be activated and creates the necessary Evernote notebooks, as well as the default empty site.

You are ready to start publishing notes.

You can go on and customize your web entry via the following How To.

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