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Customizable Site Header and Footer Menus

You can customize the Header and Footer Menu of a site.

By default, the index page will show the published articles, complemented by a Header Menu “Categories” and “By Year”.

You have now the possibility to define 4 additional Header, as well as 4 additional Footer menus. In the following example there are two additional menus defined: “About” and “Contact”.

The additional menus are defined via the site configuration in the Memberzone Dashboard area (Setup Tab). Select the relevant site configuration.

Scroll down to Main Menu and Footer Menu area. And change the name from Empty (i.e. no menu entry is shown) to your menu name. In the example below, we have chosen to add to Main Menu entries called “ About” and “Contact

The Publishing Bot, will create in its next run, two main menus (see the screenshot) on the published site, as well as create corresponding pages and tags ( clb-menu1, clb-menu2) in your Evernote account.

You now can customize the pages, to your need. In the example below, the About page is shown (with its associated tag clb-menu1). Move it to your notebook *-E-CurateGen in order to get it generated.

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