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Cloudburo Bots Memberzone Overview

The Cloudburo Bot Member Zone with its integrated Product Dashboard is your primary site, when it comes down to manage your Product/Bot subscriptions, in order for billing, configuration or control of your bot services.

You have your personal user account for accessing the various services and functions. As a first step when acquiring a subscription for trial or purchase you will have to register for an account or sign-in ( https://bots.cloudburo.net/sign-in).

Only an Email address (which will be verified via a verification Email) is required for signing up. After signing in and your initial product/bot election, you will be presented with the following screen:

The member zone consist of the Product Dashboard, as well as the User Profile section, which are described below.

Product Dashboard

Our offerings

Click on the Products menu entry on the top-left, which will switch to the Product Dashboard.

The first tab of the Product Dashboard shows the available product offerings. You can purchase or test a product from here.

For the details about the trial or purchase process go here.

My Products

The second tab shows your purchased/trialled products. In case of a trial subscription you can trigger the buy process.


The third tab is the entry point to setup products or bots, which are configurable, find details here.


The fourth tab is the entry point to control commands, for products or bots which offer this feature. You can find a sample here.

User Profile

Click on the Person Icon menu entry on the top-left and select User Profile. The main functions here

You will see and modify the General Account Settings of the Clouds Bot Platform. Additionally you can Change Password or Sign Out.

This blog entry was fully produced within Evernote and published using the Cloudburo Publishing Bot.

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