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Showcase: With the Evernote Publishing Bot in 115 days around the world

During the beta phase of the Cloudburo Publishing Bot I had the opportunity to equip one of my good friends Bruno with our Evernote Publishing Bot.

The Publishing Bot accompanied Bruno and his wife during 115 days on a cruising trip (with the famous Silver Whisper) round the world ( 28’000 sea miles). The Publishing Bot allowed him to easily assemble an up-to-date “World Cruise 2016” travel blog.

Having Evernote as his primary tool to collect photos and text - be it on board during cruising time (using the Mac OSX Version) or during an excursion (using the handy mobile version) - the content creation process was straightforward. He managed to provide an update on a daily base from any location on land or sea and that during 115 consecutive days!

The blog can be found here:

The blog was complemented with an automated weekly Mailchimp Newsletter (check out how-to-guide) , which kept his friends and family back in cold Switzerland up-to-date (with an over time growing reader community).

The testing under various conditions allowed me to tweak and fine tune the publishing bot. The positive feedback how easy it was to produce content with the tool set was complemented by an amazing reading adventure.

This blog entry was fully produced within Evernote and published using the Cloudburo Publishing Bot.

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