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How to link your Evernote Account

The Cloudburo Bots Platform requires a linkage with your Evernote Account, where you write and curate your stories. The following steps are necessary to connect your Evernote Account with the Cloudburo Bots Platform. It will register the Cloudburo Bots Platform with your Evernote account in order to create, write and move articles.

It is important to note a Third Party Application (= Cloudburo Bots Platform) needs your expressed permission in order to access your Evernote account. Evernote will not transfer your email address to a Third Party Application without your permission, and will never transfer your password to any Third Party Application (as for example us).

The Cloudburo Bots Platform use the standard Evernote process called “OAuth” to obtain permission to access your Evernote account. The OAuth process allows you to authorize Evernote to give a specified Third Party Application (= Cloudburo Curation Platform) a token which in turn allows the Third Party Application to access your account without needing your Evernote username and password.

Follow these steps to grant access:

  • Login to the Cloudburo Bots Platform member zone
  • Head over to the “General Account Settings” (Top right Menu - User Profile)

  • You will find there the entry “Link Evernote Account"
  • Click on the “LINK” button which will initiate the Evernote Account Linking
  • A popup of Evernote will be opened, asking you to login to Evernote (as you can see in the pop up, the URL is a “www.evernote.com” one, which ensures that you are logging to Evernote.

  • Having logged in, Evernote will ask you for permission that the Cloudburo Curation Platform (i.e. our Publishing Bot) may communicate with your notebooks
  • The Account Access will be granted for one year, but may be canceled by your side anytime

  • Click the “Authorize” button to grant access to your Evernote account (in the example the button is called “Re-authorize”, but the normal case is an initial “Authorize"
  • After having granted access, the “Link Evernote Account” will show the actual link status, together with its expiry date

  • You are done and have successfully connected your Evernote Account with the Cloudburo Bots Platform

  • Finally you will get an Email from Evernote which will confirm the linkage

This blog entry was fully produced within Evernote and published using the Cloudburo Publishing Bot.

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