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The importance of owning your blog - Best Practices

The article describes the importance of keeping control over your content real estate and how this will be ensured by the
Cloudburo Bots Platform. Additionally you will get some best practices to ensure that the blog will generate website traffic from which your main website can benefit.

Due to the static nature of the business content of a normal website, your website will not change very often after it’s initial setup. It may be that there are certain dynamic parts (e.g. a daily menu page on a restaurant website) but the major part of the overall content will stay the same for a long time.

Blogs Bring Targeted Website Traffic

When you start content marketing and establish your own blog it will act as an important dynamic element to bring in website traffic.

When creating blog posts you’ll incorporate keyword rich content that your target customers want to find and read. By constantly producing fresh content you will be recognized by search engines and will improve your search ranking over time. Ultimately you will get be found by users which are searching with keywords for your content topic.

Once they are reading your blog they are already very close to your Webpage and that’s what you want to achieve.

So you need to blog and blog often as well as ensure that your blog is associated very closely with your own website.

Therefore many online marketing experts are giving the following advices which can be easily achieved by using the Cloudburo Bots Platform.

Use your own Domain

You should use the same top level domain for your blogging as you use for your business website. So for example if your domain name for your main web page is „myrestaurant.com“, you should use for example for your blog the subdomain „blog.myrestaurant.com“.

The Cloudburo Publishing Bot allows you to configure your own subdomain for a blog as described here.

Via About and Contact pages you now can reference your main web page(s) for easy switch over. Make it clear who is the owner of the blog and what is you core business.

Click on pictures to get a bigger view.

Keep Control over your Content Real Estate

This is a very important point you should consider. A lot of free blogs or hosted content provider will control you content real estate in their dynamic systems. You will manage the content in some blogging web application and the content will be dynamically generated to your online community. You may use your own domain as described above, but you don’t have control over your content. For instance your provider can delete your content any time they want, in the worst case you will loose your content.

Our approach here is a little bit different. We use a static Website Generator (actually middleman) which will produce nice, clean static HTML pages complemented by Javascript and CSS only.

There is no dynamic magic or server side blogging engine required for the online publishing. A simple Webserver is required to present your content.

Pure static websites means, that they are easy cacheable and have excellent response times.

Your static website will published - beside the website - in a git version controlled directory, which you can access at any time and allows the download of the full content real estate.

So the content real estate is under your control and you could walk away at any time from our service, taking the generated HTML pages with you and publish and manage it on your own webserver.

Blogs Are Great Ways to Share Information

Visitors to your website should be able to subscribe to your blog, as it’s a great way to push out information to your customers and potential customers.

In order to do that you should establish a periodic newsletter. This can be achieved easily within the Cloudburo Bots Platform by integrating via Mailchimp. A short tutorial you can find here.

Blogs Are Engaging and Interactive

One of the best ways in which you can increase traffic to your website through your blog is by opening up the comments section. Then ask your audience open ended questions that they can answer right on your blog (in the comments section). This is called user-generated content, and user-generated content can cause a firestorm of website traffic when encouraged and the right questions are asked and answered.

Also here the Cloudburo Publishing Bot allows an easy integration of the Disqus comment feature. The feature is described here.

Bear in Mind: Successful Websites are dynamic

A good website today is dynamic and ever changing, if you don’t update your website’s content on a regular basis, Google will not crawl your website on a regular basis and thus your search engine rankings will drop over time and be lower, than those websites that do. This is the same for all search engine technology, no matter what search engine your customers use. A blog is a simple way to update your website as often as possible with engaging, interesting, keyword-rich and relevant content. It’ll keep the search engines interested and more importantly it’ll maintain the interest of your target audience. - Steve Cartwright / Website-designs.com

So head off and start creating and curating your content in Evernote and publish it with the help of the
Cloudburo Publishing Bot to your online community in a hassle free manner.

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