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Showcase: Visitor Tips for Hotel Guest

The Website zurich4u.ch is used by the owners of a small but fine Swiss boutique and design hotel chain in Zurich/Switzerland ( Townhouse, Plattenhof ) to offer mobile optimized content around Zurich for their hotel clientele.

The Website is concentrating around quick tips what to do in Zurich grouped by the categories shopping, restaurant, leisure, coffee&bar, as well as art.

The owner can produce these personalized recommendation quickly just by using Evernote on any kind of device, whenever there is a free time slot. Be it in the office, at home or visiting one of its hotels or restaurants.

Aiming a hotel guests and tourists strolling through the city, it’s key that the content is mobile site optimized.

Having - beside the official hotel web sites - an additional self curated content site with tips around the travel destination (which gets updated regularly with fresh content), helps in attracting new prospects and clients in the Internet in a indirect way.

As for example: „Grieder Bar“ is a new and hype place in Zurich which attracts people living or visiting Zurich. The hotel owner of zurich4u was publishing a small article on its Website about this trendy place.

Now checking google search shows that this article is already shown on the first search page!

This will lead people first to the content Website and from there potentially to the Hotel Websites, which ultimately may result in new clients and new revenue.

An easy solution in order to establish a presence in the Content Marketing space, affordable and manageable for any kind of companies.

This blog entry was fully produced within Evernote and published using the Cloudburo Publishing Bot.

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