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Feature: Custom Domain Support and Cloudflare CDN Integration

As top level domain for our content sites we use the domain „curation.space“

Your personal default subdomain: <siteId>.curation.space

The .space domain name is described as follow by the Website domain.com

.SPACE is the domain name for passionate and driven individuals who are ready to carve out their place online. .SPACE is a canvas for self-starters to express their creativity and share their talents with the world.
.SPACE provides a solid anchor for creative minds to explore infinite possibilities and to define their ideas online. It specially caters to freelancers, professionals, and hobbyists who want to showcase their skills and highlight their commitment to their passions.

This suits quite well with the goal of the Cloudburo Curation Platform to drive an support passionate and driven indivduals and professionals in building their content space.
During the registration process you will choose your <sitedId> (e.g. myblog). The Curation Platform will create the subdomain <sitedId>.curation.space (e.g. myblog.curation.space) for you. No other content except the one created by you will be placed there. So choose your name wisely.

Use your own domain name

You can use your own domain name instead of the one offered by us. Configure your CNAME in the Curation Platform Admin GUI, e.g. dognews.mydomain.com.

Via the Memberzone Dashboard (Setup Tab) you can configure your own domain name

You now have to configure a CNAME entry in your domain name server which is pointing to acloudburo.github.io.

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