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Tutorial - Curation Publishing Workflow in 2 simple steps

The tutorial shows the simple steps to prepare and publish a curated or self created Evernote note to your Content Site. I.e. the publishing step will take into consideration your Evernote note formatting.

The tutorial is based on the Evernote Browers-based Client of the new generation (the distraction-free white version). For other Evernote Apps and Clients similar steps are relevant.

The site identifier used in the example is ’sosnews’, replace it with your own identifier when repeating the steps on your own site.

Step 1: Create a note in sosnews-B-Prepare notebook.

Create a note for your curation or own-created article in the sosnews -B-Prepare notebook. The notebook was created by the Cloudburo Curation Platform during initial setup and is your notebook for articles which are not ready yet. Theoretically you can hold such notes in any kind of notebook, but it’s quite convenient to have a dedicated one for your draft work.

Step 2: Publish the note to your Content Site

Having completed the note, move it to the sosnews -E-CurateGen notebook, where it will be fetched up by the Cloudburo Curation Platform and an online article will be generated on your content site.

The Cloudburo Curation Platform will pick up according to your defined scheduler the notes of the Curation Transfer Notebook, processes them, publishes them on your content site and moves the note into Notebook „sosnews -Z-Archive“.

Each note will get the tag “clb-processed” attached. An email will be sent or you will be informed via Slack.

In case you have to update an article, change the Evernote note and move it back to the sosnews- E-CurateGen notebook.

That’s it, easy and straightforward.

Check the content on the live site: https://zurich4u.ch

This blog entry was fully produced within Evernote and published using the Cloudburo Publishing Bot.

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