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Feature: Customizable Evernote Publishing Schedule

The Cloudburo Publishing Bot comes with a integrated article publishing scheduler. It allows you to define how many articles will be published
  • per day
  • in which time window and
  • in which time zone.

Via the Memberzone Dashboard (Setup Tab) you can configure the publishing schedule (Articles Publisher)

Define the following within the Articles Publisher (click on the value of the corresponding row)

  • Timezone: Which time zone should be applied for the publishing schedule
  • Articles/Hour: How many articles should be generated per hours. If Empty unlimited amount of articles will be published
  • Works On: Defines on which day articles should be produced
  • Time Range: Defines in which time range an article should be published

As an example:

This will generate a maximum of 6 entries per day (2x3 hours) on 4 days of the week. Publishing Time is in the UTC timezone.

The Articles Publisher will be only applied for new entries, i.e. an kind of already processed article will be immediately regenerated not counting to the number of published articles. This allows you to modify existing entries (as well as deleting) independently of the Articles Publisher.

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