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Working with Evernote - some inspiring use cases

Evernote lets you capture and share everything that’s important to you in a single, easily accessible place. It’s building your content collection backbone for all your valuable information assets.

Out of that foundation of news and articles you now can build your online content site serving your community with your opinion and topic knowledge by integrating Evernote with the Cloudburo Curation Platform.

Starting to use Evernote in your daily life (be it in business or private) may have the power to influence, change and improve your daily workflows and laborious activities in a positive way.

It’s worth to check out some inspiring examples how people are using Evernote.

Evernote’s Stories Youtube channel outlines such use cases of Evernote usage for optimizing and improving daily work activities. Three examples

As a first example checkout Rice Paper Scissors. It is a Vietnamese Pop-up Cafe, part of San Francisco’s vibrant street food scene. They use Evernote to plan and execute all their tasks and activities.

In the second video ModCloth’s Senior Online Editor explains who she is tackling everyday tasks and a major redesign of their blog with Evernote.

Another video takes a look inside San Francisco bakery Craftsman & Wolves and shows how its chef, William Werner, runs his business with Evernote. For him Evernote was a „absolute game changer“ (an experience which I personally also made)

As a fourth example how to use Evernote for collaborating directly with your clients, refer to the following video of Chad Williams who is running a fitness business. Instead of sending email’s and pdf’s around he uses directly Evernote for stay up-to-date with his clientele.

Having Evernote as your daily companion (well your mobile is normally all the times with you), it’s an easy step to integrate with Cloudburo and to reach out with your content to the online community.

Refer to some use cases how people are using the Cloudburo Curation Platform as an extension to Evernote.

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