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News Publishing Workflow in 3 simple steps

The tutorial shows the simple steps to prepare and publish a news style information to your Content Site. I.e. the publishing step will take into consideration only bold text information in your Evernote note and use it as a excerpt in the published blog entry.

The site identifier used in the example is ’dognews’, replace it with your own identifier when repeating the steps on your own site.

Step 1: Working through the aggregated News in Feedly

This workflow starts in a news aggregation application, which allows to transfer important news articles to Evernote. My preferred application for this job is feedly which provides One-click integration into Evernote.

The news aggregation application can be configured to listen various news channels (more on that in an own article later). For example for the site dognews.curation.space (a german news site) various news channels under the topics „DOGS“ are monitored by feedly.

The news aggregation application will present the newly published articles in an easy browse-able format. In case of feedly you may have the possibility to use optimized native applications for your mobile devices (as for example for an iPhone or Android device). That’s important because it allows you to browse and check for news any time any where, even if you have just some minute spare time when waiting for example for the next train connection.

  • The task is a quick browsing task, reading the headline and decide if the article may of importance for your news site or not
  • If not, move one and scroll down to the next article
  • If yes, open the article and transfer it to the Evernote <siteId>-A-Fetch notebook. The notebook was created by the Cloudburo Curation Platform and will be monitored periodically for new notes.
  • New notes will fetched by the Cloudburo Curation Platform, the source article will be fully extracted and your note updated.
  • Having done that the note will be transferred to your <sitedId>-B-Prepare notebook, ready for the next step of the workflow

My experience using this workflow shows that you can easily browse through 30 news within 1-3 minutes, storing around 10% for later checking to Evernote. I do that normally in the morning when commuting to the office. Speed reading and transferring is essential because quite easily you have to check some hundred news per day depending on the monitored news channels. With feedly you can do the task on your mobile with one hand and one thumb even in a crowded public transport.

The video shows you the task (we are using the Browser base Desktop version of feedly in this example)

Step 2: Sifting through the preselected news and make them publishing ready in Evernote

The second step for getting your news ready for publishing is, to sit down, sift through the news which you have collected during the day(s) in Evernote and which may be important for your content site.

As explained in step 1, you will find the stories fully extracted in plain text in your <siteId>-B-Prepare notebook. By having the Cloudburo Curation Platform taken over the job of fetching the full content and storing it in plain text you will save considerable time in this task.

  • Just read the article and select the text excerpt in bold which you want take over as excerpt in your content site article. If necessary complement the text with some additional comments from your side.
  • Add additional Evernote tags which will be used as content site categories
  • Finally move the note to the <sitedId>-D-NewsGen notebook, where the note will taken over by the Cloudburo Curation Platform and an article will be generated on your online content site.
  • Again a very streamlined and optimized workflow, which will take the minimum of your time and allows you to deliver fresh news to your content site in no time.

Step 3: Check the published article on your content site

Finally do a quick online check on your content site, if the generated site is ok.

Check the content on the live site: dognews.curation.space.

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