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Showcase: Dog News Site for the German market

The Web page dognews.curation.space is a news aggregation site around the topic „dogs“ for the german speaking market. Beside the the static web site - on which daily around 3 articles are published - the content is additionally made available
  • on a twitter stream, as well as a
  • as well as a weekly newsletter (managed by Mailchimp)

The site is used by the Cloudburo owner to establish a community (mainly connected via the dognews twitter account) in the pet business segment, which will be an interesting community (lead generation) for upcoming services of the company.

It’s fully managed by the Cloudburo Curation Platform and makes extensive use of the News Excerpt Handler of the platform. So it’s a pure news aggregation/distribution site with minimal own created or actively curated content. It’s ideally suited for the Cloudburo Curation Platform „News“ workflow, which is highly optimized and reducing the effort of this repetitive task to a minimum. A daily effort by the site owner of around 15-30 minutes is enough to publish fresh and relevant news content for the community

Potential relevant dog news articles are collected automatically via Google Alerts and consumed by the News Aggregation Application feedly.com.

Via feedly the site owner can check easily the daily offered news entries and decide which one are relevant. This repetitive task can be done at any time on any device during the day. In this case the tasks is done when commuting to work, where around 15 minutes are invested by using the Feedly Mobile Android App. New relevant news content will be forwarded (within the feedly app) to Evernote for further automatic processing.

Any Evernote published article will be automatically expanded by the Cloudburo Curation Platform and made ready for the site preparation step.

In the evening the site owner has to invest another 15-20 minutes to select three articles for the next day public site publishing.

By format article excerpts in bold, the content will be chosen, which will published on your site together with the „Read more“ button.

Transferring theses notes into „ NewsGen“ notebook will make them ready for public site publishing, and your daily routine work is finished.

So overall you have to invest daily around 30 minutes for such a News site, which is publishing relevant (quality checked by you) content for a community.

Over time a potential news archive is built up in Evernote (you will find normally more relevant articles than you publish on a day). This allows you optimize to even more the daily routine work, by prepare for example a full week in advance.

The Cloudburo Curation Platform schedule feature is used, to build up a publishing queue (you can configure how many articles should be published during which time window). So you can ensure fresh content delivery even when you are in holiday or on a business trip (or don’t want to sit down on a daily base)

Refer to the screenshot below.
  • The dognews preparation queue „Prepare“ consists of 208 relevant articles to be published. Based on this collection three articles will be chosen for a day.
  • The dognews publish queue „NewsGen“ consists of 15 articles which will be published within the next 5 days (3 articles per day, site user configurable)

The Community is mainly reached via Twitter. Each published site article will automatically pushed onto the dognews twitter feed. This feature can also be easily achieved with no additional costs. Refer to the following article about integration. This is achieved by using the Cloudburo Atom Feed Feature.

As one can see the tweets get absorbed in the dog community and there is a constant flow of new-joiners.

Finally a weekly Newsletter is offered, which is integrated by using the free mail marketing service by Mailchimp. Also here the Cloudburo Atom Feed Feature is used.

Additional pages as for example „Disclaimer" and „About Us“ are integrated into the menu or footer. All managed by the user in Evernote and user configurable.

The newsletter sent out by Mailchimp on behalf of dognews using the weekly produced articles, is shown below.

As you can see, after initial setup you can control the whole workflow exclusively within Evernote in a highly efficient manner !

This blog entry was fully produced within Evernote and published using the Cloudburo Publishing Bot.

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