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Feature: Syntax Highlighting

Syntax Highlighting is straightforward with Cloudburo Curation Platform.

Just embrace your code parts with the following marker elements.

Our solution is based on rogue which detects over 60 programming languages ! Use the following page http://rouge.jneen.net/ to find out which languages are supported. Our supported syntax themes are described here.

In case you want to highlight a specific programming language, e.g. jave use

Just one final note: Evernote is handling copy/pasted text sometimes in weird manner and introduces (behind the scenes, formatting information). In order that Cloudburo Curation Platform identifies the marker correctly, they must not be any kind of such control information stored in the marker.
Therefore enter the two markers on their own line (without any special formatting), make sure to have a carriage return after the first marker and then paste in your code part.


The Evernote page:

The generated HTML page:

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