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Feature: Evernote News Excerpt Expander

The Cloudburo Curation Platform supports so-called News Excerpt Expander. So what does it mean ?

This feature is especially useful when you are curating content in a news style manner. So your assembling topic news in a periodic manner (e.g. daily) and publish them on your content site to your audience. Such a published news will have some content lines from the news with an associated link to the full story. An example of such a site managed by Cloudburo Curation Platform can be found on dognews.curation.space.

For the collection job you are using a news aggregator app (as for example feedly) to browse and quickly check large amount of news articles which are potential relevant for your site. In case you found a relevant article you publish the article from the news app directly to Evernote into a dedicated Evernote Notebook. The screenshot shows an example from feedly:

Normally the published article from the news aggregator app is just a excerpt from the full story, as you can see below.

To go on working with the text would require a manual refetch by a user, which is time consuming especially if you collect a large amount during your day.

Therefore Cloudburo Curation Platform will automate this step in case you place the note in a dedicated Notebook, which is created during your site setup and is called “ blog-<siteId>-A-Fetch”.

Cloudburo Curation Platform will fetch the associated link of the news excerpt and will download the full article in a plain text format and replace the current one, by moving it into the „ blog-<sitedID>-B-Prepare“ notebook.

After you have completed your news browsing and collection step, you then can finalize your news article for publishing with minimal effort by simply highlighting relevant text on the page, which should be used for the news publishing on your site.

Having done that, you move the note over to „ blog-<sitedID>-D-NewsGen“ notebook which will process and publish your note. By taking the bold text as your news excerpt and introducing a „Read More“ button to the external site.

That’s it, highly optimized to get a News article published for your reader audience.

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