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Getting Started: The Content Site in a nutshell

The Content Site has a blog structure setup which is concentrated around your published articles. the site is based on a responsive design in order to provide a optimal reading experience on different devices.

The four main pages steering your content are:

  • The Article List Page
  • The Single Article Page
  • The Category List Page
  • The ByYear List Page

Beside these four main pages, you are free to define additional simple pages which can be linked into the Header- or Footer area.

The Article List Page

The article list page is by default the index (entry) page of your content site. It will list all articles in chronological together with a short excerpt of the article. The „Read More“ button will open the Single Article Page when pressed.

As a side-information: You may chose to define a dedicated index page by your own. In this case the Article List Page will be available via the HEADER menu.

The Single Article Page

The Single Article Page is the main page and will visualize your Evernote note content.

The page consists of the following structural areas.

Consists of the Home Link-, Menu- and Social Media Icons sections. All elements are user configurable during your site setup.

  • By clicking on the „Home Link“ you will go back to the index page.
  • By default there is a „Categories“ and „ByYear“ menu which groups your published content.
  • Additional user defined menus will be added (up to 4), e.g link to an About or Contact page.
  • “Social Media Icons”, allows you to link to your Social media accounts. Clicking on on an icon will open your social media home page. (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google Plus and GitHub are supported)

Below another Header Example with the „zurich4u" Home Link, two user defined menu entries to an „About“ and „Contact“ page, two default menu entries for grouping your content by categories or year, as well as a Facebook Social Media Icon.

The menu is responsive and will collapse to the „Hamburger“ style in case the device screen is too small to display the full menu.

By clicking on the „Hamburger“ icon, the menu will be opened vertically, providing optimal user guidance on mobile devices.

The Content Area consists from top to bottom
  • of the Article Title
  • a list of Categories allocated to the Article
  • the Article Content itself.

In case your Evernote note has the URL attribute set,

the article content will have at the end an „Link“ element defined, which allows you to transfer to the external site.

The Support Area below the Content Area, may have the following „article“ supporting elements
  • Disqus Collaboration Platform integration (optional), allows your reader community to discuss the content of the article. (Feature Description)
  • Recent Article list, as a teaser for the reader to stay on your site and read on

Will contain all list of all your defined Categories, as well as a list of articles grouped by year.

Will contain copyright section, as well as user definable links to simple pages (e.g. in case you want to define a disclaimer page or similar).

Category List Page / By Year List Page

By clicking on a category link the Category List Page will be displayed. The same mechanism applies when clicking a year, which results in the opening of the Year List Page.

Simple Pages

A user is free to add additional pages which be linked either in the Header or Footer Menu.These are simple pages (only content no left side bar). As an example the „About“ page of the zurich4u.ch page. Obviously you will handle also this content in Evernote.

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