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Feature: Responsive, Mobile Optimized Curation Website

The Cloudburo Curation Platform will take your curated Evernote notes and generates a corresponding blog entry in your Cloudburo managed curation website.

The generated blog sites are using a design layout which is following the ‘mobile first’ approach.

The Mobile First approach is putting a mobile device screen-size into the center, a screen size which got rapidly the default screen size for a high percentage of your users and customers.

Mobile-First forces you to focus on the core content and functionality. You have to rethink your design layout. You only have enough space on the screen for the most important and key parts of your website. So if something isn’t absolutely necessary for your clients, then ditch it for your mobile-first design!

Your curation website will apply the above principles and ensures with a responsive design, that your prepared content will be optimally delivered to any device of your reader.

So concentrate on the content and leave the rest to the Cloudburo Curation Platform.

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