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Feature: Picture Handling in Evernote Notes

The Cloudburo Publishing Bot is capable of handling Evernote notes with pictures in various ways. This will allow you to adjust image postioning to your need.

The Bot will provide a default handling for images, as well as the possibility to to control picture positioning via dedicated Evernote tags.

Be aware: The described image handling strategies will be always applied to all images in the note.

Default Image Handling

By default the first picture within a note will be placed at the top of the generated blog entry. The text will be floatable to the right of the picture.

For example refer to the following Evernote note which includes a Japanese art picture at the end of the note.

Please press on the picture itself to get it open in a larger format.

The picture will be moved to the beginning of the Blog entry and be showed in the Blog Overview page as well.

As an example see the below the screenshot on a Samsung Mobile when scrolling through the Overview page.

In the following screenshot the default image rendering is shown in a Chrome Browser on a Mac. Due to the fact that the browser window is enough large the text will float to the right.

Image Handling controlled via Evernote Tags

Here we differentiate between tags for controlling the image flow, as well as the possibility to have a lightbox feature.

Image Flow Control Tag

With the below Evernote tags you can control the positioning of the images within the note.

To be clear: There is no possibility to control the flow of a single image, the rules will be applied for each image in the note!

The following Image Tags are available and created by default in your Evernote account when you join the Evernote Curation platform.

  • clb-image-fixedpos: With this tag the pictures will be kept at the original position in the blog as in the corresponding Evernote note. Should be used in case the text in the note is direct correspondence to the note text.
  • clb-image-nopull: Will position the image on its own, without floating the text left to the picture. Combined with the clb_image_fixedpos it will allow to even more control the float of the text in context of pictures.
  • clb-image-pull-right: Will position the image on the right with floating text on the left

As an example this blog entry was using the following tags in order to control the correct flow

Lightbox Popup Tag

By setting the clb-image-lightbox tag, a thumbnail picture will be shown, which is clickable. When clicked a lightbox popup will be opened.

As for example this site is using this feature.

No Border Tag

By setting the clb-image-noborder tag, the images will not be decorated with a visible image border on the web site and shown as is. That may be required in case you want to show a picture in a table layout, as shown below. An additional visible border around the picture would disturb.

Resizing Rules

The following image resizing rules will be applied.
Max Image Width is 878px.
clb-image-no-pull + clb-image-lightbox
Max Image Width is 1520px, which will be shown in a lighbox pop up. The page picture itself has a size of 200px.
none of the above tags set
Max Image Width is 400px, so it will nicely flow text around your picture

Additional Information

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